Who is Goforbg?!

Hello world! If you’re wondering who Bharadwaj Giridhar (goforbg) is, look no further – you’ve come to correct place.

Let me start off with a name – I am Bharadwaj Giridhar, I refer to myself as ‘BG’ throughout the web. You can pretty much find me anywhere on the web with the username @goforbg. I am a Computer Science student, a huge fan of Android, I love blogging and thus the website goforbg was created! I love talking about tech. There’s probably someone like me in every group. I get inspired by people who change or try to change the world. Let it be a character in a movie/series like Tyler Durden or a real person like Sundar Pichai. Did I mention that I love Royal Enfields and long drives on those beasts?!


This is NOT my first blog, I’ve created so many blogs in the past (I’ve blogging since I was 12 years old). To give you a rough estimate, I’ve created around 20-25 blogs (which may or may not sucked). On the pursuit of providing in-depth views on Android, I finally created this website. As this is not my first blog, I did know the basics to kick this off with. I set the whole blog up in an hour, put on a good free theme (Thanks for that, Alx!). However, what I will put time for, is the content.

Things to accomplish

I’m pretty sure there are like atleast a million people like me, waiting to get hits on their website. Of course, It did take some time for me to understand this.  My solution to beat my competition is to create quality content. By quality content I mean the hard work I put into every single word of my article(s).

More than subscribers or views, I want my content to be unique. But maybe, I  also want 100,000 – who knows, eh?!

What can you find here?

  • My in-depth views on Android.
  • Rant on all things Android.

Contact me, here.