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Bharadwaj Giridhar

Entrepreneur. Dreamer.
Android at Workllama.

Bharadwaj Giridhar (@goforbg) is an Entrepreneur, Startup Enthusiast & Software Engineer. He has been blogging, building & shipping tech solutions around the globe, started from the age of twelve.

He's currently building DotPush & Finmux, previously ventured with Foodmux, Androar, Twecco.

He's currently a full-time Android Engineer at Workllama and has shipped 8+ Android Apps to 100K+ users. He has over two years of experience in architecting end-to-end Android Applications.

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Life so far

Bhardwaj Giridhar Bitmoji reading a Book

Wisdom Fuelled Pandemic

I joined Workllama as an Android Engineer. I learned how to architect apps at scale. Conducted 30+ interviews, coded 5+ libraries. Learned how to build & ship applications using Next js, React, Tailwind, Node js, Docker, and more!

I discovered Naval Ravikanth, which led me to a gold pot of Entrepreneurship and Finance wisdom. I hunted several top-notch ProductHunt posts.

Bhardwaj Giridhar Coding on a laptop

The new kid on the block

When I hear "Bengaluru, Tech, & Startups" my brain started lighting up. I had scored an Android internship with immense efforts at Bolkar (previously Pascolan) - a startup aiming to be the #1 Indian vernacular audio Q&A platform.

I could now suddenly write design libraries. Bolkar was a part of Axilor Ventures - One of India's finest Startup Accelerator that hosted 14 more top-tier teams that cohort, which made me interact with several second-time founders from IITs and IIMs.

Bhardwaj Giridhar at Australia

Hit the road Jack!

I was interning at Swinburne University, Melbourne. It was my first time flying abroad, and it was amazing to write a paper on the Melbourne Water Plant. I got to interact with people from all over the world, which boosted my communication skills.

My paper was about water meters used in apartments that digitally track usage to deliver water bills and tap water recycled as consumables, which inspired me to learn Python. It felt like I restarted life, and I was so grateful I could view life through a different lens.

Bharadwaj Giridhar Weight loss

The Dark Knight Rises

Apart from the hackathons & workshops in college, I used to overeat as an escape mechanism. I saw the Dark Knight Rises by Nolan, and it was at that moment I decided to change my life. I lost 30+ kilos (66+ pounds) in the next five months.

I started waking early to code every day. Graduated a course by the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry about the fundamentals of startups, consisting of content from successful entrepreneurs like Bhavish Agarwal from Ola and Girish Mathrubootham from Freshworks.

Bharadwaj Giridhar going to college

College & Hackathons

I strongly believe the best way to learn Programming is to do and learn yourself. I partied a lot! My lifeline during College was hackathons & workshops. I participated in hackathons across the country at CIT, Prodigy, IIT BHU, Smart India Hackathon, & more.

I learned a lot about Photography, improved my Public Speaking, Choreographic, Video-editing skills, and maintained 2 Youtube Channels - Androar & Foodmux. I Partnered up with a dozen of 3-star restaurants.

Bharadwaj Giridhar going to school

Best Student Entrepreneur

It all started when I jailbroke my mom's phone to run some games. It got me interested in smartphones, tech, and my blogging journey since the age of 12. I then started earning from Ad revenues, Writing, Migrating blog hosts, and running SEO Optimizations.

I got awarded as the best student entrepreneur for founding Twecco Solutions. The freelance firm had over 50 recurring clients. My ambition had become very clear.